Being an alumnus of Laxminarayan Institute of Technology is a matter of utmost pride and reverence for every LITian. No matter where the alumni are in this world, all owe a lot to their glorious alma mater. If there's one thing that sets apart the LIT alumni, it's their generosity towards their alma-mater in giving back. So many LITians have donated in cash or kind over the years. These donors have transcended barriers of geography and initiated the process of giving back.There is always a special place for LIT in every LITian’s heart. And a wish to give back. You can do so by: 

Donating to LITOSA – either as general fund or as cause-specific fund

General corpus fund of LITOSA comprises monetary contributions from alumni that is utilized by the Executive Committee for any developmental activities at LIT from time to time and also to meet operational expenditure of the association. The Executive Committee, through its office bearers, will invest this fund, in part or full, as fixed deposits in banks to maximize returns.

Cause-specific fund represents donations given for a specified use, such as scholarship for current students, books for the library, equipment for laboratories, etc. These funds will always be deployed for the specific cause as specified by the donor exactly as per his / her instructions.

If you wish to donate or contribute monetarily, you may transfer funds electronically to LITOSA, please click here.

 Volunteering for LITOSA projects and activities

LITOSA undertakes a variety of projects and activities for the benefit of students. Few of the initiatives already rolled in include student mentoring to enhance soft skills & employability, knowledge & experience sharing, etc. These programs and events are a perfect opportunity for the alumni to give back the benefit of their learnings to the budding engineers. LITOSA will be happy to see more and more alumni offering their time, knowledge and experience to ensure holistic growth of the academic and co-curricular environment.

 Hosting student interns or industry visits

Industry exposure is invaluable in students’ grooming. It opens up a new doors to them, giving them an insight into the practical world, polishing their academic learning with “how and what really happens”. Most of the alumni have a lot to offer by way of hosting quality internship programs or industry visits for students. Even the alumni can benefit as they stand to gain rightly trained engineers to work in their enterprises.